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How Much Do You Care? How Much Can You Care?
Is there a limit to how much you can care? Is there a physical boundary? "Sorry, but since you live on the other block, you are on your own with that fire there."

Is it limited to a specific group? "I only help people who are my height, so good luck with that genocide there."

With BEAN's Think Global Act Local (TGAL) annual education and fund-raising campaign, we don't think so. We think there is no limit to how much we can, or should, care. Once a year, BEAN members from around the globe rally around a single cause. It's a single unifying cause that unites young professionals everywhere together. It started with Obstetrics Fistula, and continued with Child Soldier, Darfur Genocide, Water Sanitation and AIDS Orphans.

For 2010, we are working to help build and drive awareness around the power of Microfinancing, where people are trusted to be able to improve there own lives, if they only have the proper tools. Will you join us to show that young professionals around the globe do NOT only care about themselves? Contact us and find out how you can help!

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