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One Dollar Here, One Dollar There: On Fun & Accessible Charitable Giving for Young Professionals
As an upwardly mobile person, you are likely stuck in a weird place when it comes to charitable giving. You don't quite have the scratch write big checks to your favorite causes or for that $250 a ticket black tie fundraising gala. But you are also very interested in giving back in any way you can. What to do?

You may have donated some money because your friends/co-workers were doing some run/walk to benefit some charity that you promptly forgot about afterwards. I am also sure that you have been invited to some mixer/party where a portion of the proceeds go to some charity that you also promptly forgot about. Do you want to learn more about the causes you are contributing to? Don't you want your donation amount or ticket price to go a long way?

If you are saying "I just want to be able give what I can toward a cause at an event that's fun, where I can meet great people and where I can learn and connect to what I am helping", you are not alone! Groups are getting much better at catering to young professionals who can leverage social media to pool small dollar amounts towards big results. We are not afraid of data and the details. We want to know where our money is going and how it impacts lives!

Along that train of though, if you are in Seattle, check out Feast for the Future on Thursday, January 13. It's part of BEAN's TGAL effort to benefit Vittana, a great non-profit organization that provides micro loans to students in developing countries, started by a young professional not unlike yourself. Tickets are only $25 if you pre-pay online or $30 at the door for the opportunity to mingle with Vittana's staff, enjoy cuisine representative of the countries and regions that Vittana serves, drink selections of wine or beer and learn about the impact of your micro loan on the lives of students.

See? Ask and BEAN provides. :)

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