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On Giving and Receiving Compliments: Be An Inspiration Award
How often do you compliment people? I don't mean ironic compliments (the "Oh, that's sooooo great." variety) or compliments used to get a date (the "You look hot eating that taco there." variety). I mean compliments given to people in genuine appreciation of what they do and who they are.

When you yourself receive genuine compliments, how do you react to them? Do you get all flustered? Do you try to deflect them? Do you let them go to your head? Do you accept them with self-deprecation? Be able to accept compliments well is a true mark of growth, in my humble opinion.

I have to admit that I am pretty bad at both giving and receiving compliments. I am surrounded by wonderful family, amazing friends, hardworking colleagues at work and dedicated volunteers in BEAN. How often do I express my appreciation to them? Not nearly often enough. When I get complimented on something, I usually get flustered or brush them off. Instead, I should absorb them, be gracious and thankful, and use it to further motivate myself to do more.

In the spirit of complimenting people on work truly well done, we would like to begin accepting nomination for a monthly "Be An Inspiration" award. Essentially, we are looking for young professionals between the age of 21-35 whose deeds can inspire others to excel at being a leader, be a friend and be of service to others. They do not have to be a BEAN member, and they could located anywhere in the world.

For January, 2011, I am happy to recognize Anna Meneses from Seattle for the Be An Inspiration award. Anna works tirelessly on various charitable fundraising projects on her free time, organizes snowboarding trips and soccer parties (Go Sounders!) and always has the warmest smile. She is exactly the type of young professionals BEAN represents. Congratulations, Anna!

Do you know somebody like Anna? Let us know!

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