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This is An Open Call for Leaders

By now, I am sure you have noticed that BEAN has some pretty amazing people. Young professionals like you are extremely busy, and yet you give your time generously through BEAN. As shown in the BEAN 2010 Annual Report (http://www.slideshare.net/howardcwu/bean-around-the-world-2010), we grow by close to 50% in membership in 2010 and added several new chapters, including Vancouver, San Diego, Beijing, Greenville and New Delhi. Our volunteering, giving and social programs have made enormous amount of difference locally and globally. To continue this pace of accelerated growth and impact, we need your help. Do you want to be a part of this global young professional movement? Let me know! (howardw@beanonline.org)

Yes, YOU! The biggest reason why BEAN works is due to its passionate officers team, 120+ and growing. We need new chapter leads to start BEAN @ Your City, we need community organizers, we need marketing gurus, we need legal experts, we need rocking software engineers, we need financial warriors, we need public relation mavens, we need event planning extraordinaires, we need strategy and management wonks, and most importantly, we need leaders like you.

Passionate volunteers have taken on various BEAN officer roles and built amazing things with the help of our members and community partners. Whether it is the annual Think Global Act Local campaign (http://hq.beanonline.org/tgal), scholarship opportunities or migrant school programs, they didn't come from some faceless and nameless committee somewhere. They came from the minds of our officers, who love the impact they could make through BEAN and the experience they gain. To meet some of these people, take a look at our monthly Be An Inspiration winners (http://hq.beanonline.org/inspire).

Will you respond to this open call to be an officer? Whether you are a member of a large chapter, a small chapter or even if you are in a city that doesn't even have a chapter yet, I want to hear from YOU! Email me at howardw@beanonline.org and help me how you would like to help!  The responsibilities of an officer is designed to be flexible and lightweight, catered to your busy life, but the rewards and satisfaction can be enormous.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Wu

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